Life (2009)

Life is a British nature documentary series created and produced by the BBC in association with The Open University. It was first broadcast as part of the BBC’s Darwin Season on BBC One and BBC HD from October to December 2009.The series takes a global view of the specialised strategies and extreme behaviour that living things have developed in order to survive; what Charles Darwin termed “the struggle for existence”. Four years in the making, the series was shot entirely in high definition.


Episode 1 "Challenges of Life"

Episode 2 "Reptiles and Amphibians"

Episode 3 "Mammals"

Episode 4 "Fish"

Episode 5 "Birds"

Episode 6 "Insects"

Episode 7 "Hunters and Hunted"

Episode 8 "Creatures of the Deep"

Episode 9 "Plants"

Episode 10 "Primates"